Government APIs - Your Help Needed!

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A nice little api icon on a wet floor. As you do.Well, it’s was a busy old day for me yesterday, sitting in the warm at home and establishing myself in the blogosphere, and I’ve been blown away by how much traffic my last post attracted. It was one of the commenters on my last post (Martin Stone) who inspired me to post today. He said:

Great stuff… do you know of any other government apis available as feeds like the planning alert? Perhaps we (you) could start a list.

And, as requested, I have! I’ve quickly hacked up a list that feeds all the links to APIs that have been tagged ‘localgovapi’ from social bookmarking site delicious (Using a similar method that the DIUS uses for its digitalgovuk list). There’s a fair few links there already, but I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff I’ve missed.

This is where you, dear reader, come in

Take a look at the list, and if there’s anything I’ve missed, jump on delicious (start an account if you haven’t already) and tag any links with the tag ‘localgovapi’. Through the magic of PHP and the Simple Pie library, my page will pick it up! It’s quite hacky at the moment, and, depending on the success of the feature, I might make some amendments.

APIs are a great and very powerful way for councils and government departments to share information, be it with other government organisations, or just your average Joe Blogs web developer.

I’m so convinced of their power, I’ve built one myself. I’m also dead excited about the work that DirectGov are planning with, so it’d be great to see more examples ‘in the wild’ as it were.

As always, any comments, questions etc, let me know!