Oh, Erm Hi by the Way!

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Well well, how rude of me! Two blog posts and I’ve not introduced myself! Well, here I am (as you can see by the lovely photo).

Things I am

  • Local Authority Web Developer (for Lichfield District Council)

  • Freelance web developer (Portfolio coming soon!)

  • Drum and Bass DJ (Resident at Breakthru at the Factory Club)

  • Lover of real ale, whisky and good food

Things I do

  • Build websites

  • Write things

  • Mix other people’s records together

  • Keep hens

  • Have a inability to have photos taken of me without my mouth open

I’m hoping to mainly update this blog with tutorials, thoughts and ideas about web development and social media in the local authority / government area, but I’ll also be sticking mixes up that I do occasionally and blogging about other general bits and bobs as I see fit.

If you think I sound like an interesting person, then please follow me on Twitter, and, if I like the look of you, I’ll follow back! (Twitter policy coming soon folks!)

Anyways, hope you enjoy my corner of the ol’ world wide web, and I hope to be giving you lots on interesting content on a (semi) regular basis