Twitter + Planning Applications = TwitterPlan!

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Today marks a coming together (if you’re an idiot, you might call it a synergy), of all the obsessions I’ve blogged about so far - Planning Applications, APIs and Twitter. It’s called TwitterPlan, and it allows you to receive alerts of planning applications in your area via Twitter.

It uses the Planning Alerts API and sends DMs (direct messages) every time a planning application is listed. Most UK local authorities are covered, but if your council isn’t covered you’ll start receiving alerts as soon as one of the Planning Alerts community build a screen scraper for your council.

It’s still in Alpha stage at the moment (that is, it’s still under development), but I’d like as many people signed up as possible so I can test the functionality and get feedback on how you’d like the project to move forward.

Many thanks to @abeeken at City of Lincoln council and @MichaelDPollard for helping me overcome my lack of confidence in the design side of things and beautifying the site with the design and birdy character. Thanks also to Richard Pope from Planning Alerts for his advice and feedback. I couldn’t have done it withoutcha guys!

So what are you waiting for? Get signed up!