My Twitter Presentation From #scotweb2

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As some of you may know, I was up in Edinburgh for Scotweb2 on Friday (with Localgovcamp the day after!). I delivered a short session on Twitter and gave some examples and advice. I really was aiming at beginners and newbies, but it turned out more people than I expected were already tweeting. Hopefully I didn’t bore you!

Anyway, the day was great, nice to meet Liz Azyan (LGEO research) and James Coltham (Edinburgh City Council) for the first time, as well as plenty of other lovely chatty people. The food was a welcome change from the usual conference fare, with a choice cheesy organic soups and loads of bread. Nice touch!

Thanks to Alex Stobart, who organised the event, for having me along, and here’s my slides!

The Twhys, Twhows and Twherefores of Twitter

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Next up: A little bit about #localgovcamp!