In the Event of an Attack...

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Underground bunkerI’m a big fan of 1950’s artwork, so imagine my joy when I come across this little beauty in a long forgotten box at work.

It’s called ‘The Hydrogen Bomb’ and (I assume) is from the early 50’s - some of the artwork is fantastic (especially the oh-so-helpful diagram telling you to sit under the stairs) and it’s a prime example of the ‘keep calm and carry on’ ethos of the post war era.

‘Cos I’m nice, I’ve scanned it and uploaded it for yis - and you can download it here.

We also came across a few tourism brochures from about the same period, which we’re hoping to get uploaded and scanned to the council site - my favourite bit is this advert, advertising the local area’s cheap and abundant supply of electricity. Ah, the good old days!