Royal Mail Calls Striking Workers 'Whiny' on Twitter. Sort Of

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Now, I’m sure you’re fed up of me banging on about the Royal Mail, but bare with me, this isn’t about postcodes.

Whilst idily surfing around Twitter using Tweetie 2 (which is awesome by the way), I thought I’d have a look at Royal Mail’s Twitter account to see if they’d had anything to say about the Ernest Marples postcode debacle.

Looking at their account, I noticed that they’d favourited a tweet, on closer inspection it appeared to be this:

It is written into the CWU constitution that Royal Mail must go on strike once every 4 months. Whiny fucks.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, when you favourite a tweet, you’re effectively validating the opinion of the tweeter and saying that you agree with it.

This is wholly unprofessional, and to write off the concerns of thousands of workers whose jobs are at risk by calling them ‘whiny fucks’ is at best, clumsy, and at worst, insensitive - whatever you as an organisation think about the rights and wrongs of them striking.

I’m sure this will be attributed to the actions of an over zealous intern, but it really does highlight how you should tread carefully when on Twitter, especially if you’re a publicly owned organisation such as the Royal Mail.