Who Said Social Media Can't Save Councils Money?

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Certainly not me! We as councils are constantly being asked to save money, and one big element of this is front facing customer services. It’s estimated that it costs councils £6.56 to deal with enquiries face to face, £3.22 by telephone contact, and 27p for online *.

So, imagine my joy when I get this tweet sent to @lichfield_dc:

[tweet url=]

Now, we don’t do roads, this is the responsibility of the county council, so I came back with this response:

[tweet url=]

This is the exact kind of response they’d get by calling us up, so the council’s Twitter account has made a cashable saving of £3.22 today! It’s baby steps, but it just goes to show that actively monitoring your Twitter presence can reap some real benefits.

  • Thanks to numerous people on Twitter for getting these stats for me!