Grit Bins - Your Help Needed!

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During the Lichfield Hacks and Hackers day yesterday (bigger blog post to come on that later) - I was gifted a list of grit bins in Lichfield District, I got very excited about this, but my excitement was quickly dampened when I realised that there was no geographical data in the list, just road names and a vague location.

However, I then thought ‘not to worry, I can just ask people who live nearby to geolocate them on their phones and add them to a Google Doc’, I asked a @robthedog (who lives in a village north of the district) if he could do a few when he got home, his reply was ‘I can do one now’:

Grit Bin on Google Street View

Of course! Google Street view! This is where you lot come in. I’m going to crowdsource the location of these grit bins (I’ve already done a few myself) - to help, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open up this Google document

  2. Drag this bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar.getCenter()));)

  3. Open up Google Maps and search for a road name and town / village which doesn’t have a lat/lng yet

  4. Drag the little yellow street view man (this guy) to the map and have a look round Street View for the grit bin

  5. Once you’re right by it - zoom out of Street View and click the bookmarklet - a window will pop up with the lat/lng - you can then copy and paste it and enter it into the Google doc!

It’s that simple! If you could do just a couple, I’ll be forever in your debt (I might buy you a pint if I see you in the flesh too!)

Once it’s done, I’ll be able to build a handy map of grit bins in the area and hopefully save a few slips and falls (as well as a few costly calls to our contact centre!). There’s 87of them, and, as I’ve already done 10, it should be long before I’ve got them all.

Thanks again, you lovely people you!