New Blog, New Beginning!

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Shamefully, it’s been almost a year since my last blog post, but I’ve finally decided to get my act together and get cracking with a brand new blog!

As much as I love Wordpress, I’m starting to think it’s becoming a bit too bloated to be a blogging platform, and, with this in mind (and just because I like fiddling), I’ve switched to Octopress.

Octopress is most definitely for hackers. It’s built in Ruby, and, rather than relying on a database like Wordpress does, it generates pages on your local machine, which you then push to a remote repository.

The benefits of this is you can get free hosting (I use Github pages, but you can also use Heroku), and, as the pages are static HTML, you’ll always have a super fast blog (so no more Slashdot effect if you get a lot of traffic!).

Another benefit is that you can write your pages in Markdown, which is a great way of writing text that converts to HTML with the minimum of fuss.

I’ve used a (slightly customised) version of the Oct2 theme, as although I like the default Octopress theme, as Octopress gets more prevelant, so does the default Octopress theme, and I like to stand out from the crowd. There’s not a lot of themes out there, but I’m told the next version of Ocotopress makes theming a lot easier, so expect to see more kicking around soon.

I’ve also imported all my blog posts from Wordpress using Exitwp, so my old brain dumps will always be available for all the world to see. Some of the Markdown is a bit funky (particularly on the code side of things), so that needs sorting. I’m also working on importing my old comments too.

All in all, for me, Octopress is a more enjoyable way to blog, so hopefully you’ll be seeing much more blogging from me. I’m also interested to know any tips or gotchas on blogging from Octopress users (I’m particularly keen to know about good Markdown editors for OSX), so let me know in the comments!